•  The purpose of this Website is to conduct these experiments in various Drought affected areas all over the world with private or government sponsorship.
  •  The Cost of this Project will vary depending on the Geographical condition and time required to conduct the project.
  • I have  successfully conducted Rain Through Sound Frequency Experiment at Rapar ( Kutch) Ahmednagar and Bhopal in 1987 August.
  • in Jalna 2001 In Nashik 2013 In Manmad 2014.In India 1st June to 30th September is the Rainy Season and therefore Cloud Formation is possible in this period.
  • In India some so called govt. authorities tried to use Silver Iodide on Clouds to bring Rain but in-spite of spending more than 100 crores those experiments we’re a flop show.
  • I have to state that my  experiments are Scientific Authentic and Economical. Since money is involved in this many so called Pandits and their mediator from various Scientific and Classical Music background have set up non authentic websites to extract money from Sponsors.
  • It is necessary to conduct these experiments to establish that “Frequency of Sound is directly proportional to the Change in Environment”.
  • The Area covered by this Rain covers nearly 250 sq kms. I have  never taken responsibility of deaths of humans and animals due to flood and lightening.
  • The price of the project can be discussed individually.


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