Experiment 1

  • Date: Sep-Oct 1987.
  • Place: Raper Kutch, INDIA.
  • Sponsored By: Bhimani Khadi Mandali
  • The experiment was carried only with the help of Acoustic Sitar by  Shri Jayant Date.
  • The certificate of Bhimani Khadi Mandal is attached below.
  • News paper cutting of Town Press journal in English is also attached.



Experiment 2

  • Date: 14 to 17 SEP 2001.
  • Place: At Jalna , Maharashtra, INDIA.
  • Sponsored By :Shri. Suresh Agarwal Chairman ,Bejo Sheetal Seeds Pvt LTD at Jalna Maharashtra, INDIA.
  • The Rain spread to 250 sq kms. Newspaper reports attached.



Experiment 3

  • Place: Nandgaon (Nasik) Maharashtra ,India.
  • Date20 to 22 SEP 2013.
  • Sponsored By :MET Principal Shri Vijay Page and MLA Shri Pankaj Bhujbal.
  • The rain spread upto Jalgaon, Dhule, Aurangabad Paithan approximate 250 sq kms.




Experiment 4

  • Place: Manmad, Maharashtra ,INDIA.
  • Date: 25th-26th July  2014.
  • Sponsored By:  Shri Vijay Page and MLA Shri Pankaj Bhujbal.




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